martes, 6 de enero de 2009

Nevotsport-3_God is Argentinian

Hi everybody and happy new year 2009!!!

I hope all of you have passed a very good Christmas holidays, whatever you did.

I haven't written here since my post about MIM and it was a long time ago. Now I've changed a little bit the blog. The most evident change is the language. I'll try to write all my posts since this one in Englisth in order to improve my written English. I think it can be a very interesting exercice. I'm grateful to Pedro for giving me this fantastic idea.

Well, as you know I love sport and as I said in my first post, I'll try to write about this topic. In fact, I think that if everyone practised some kind of sport, and I'm not talking at a proffessional level, the world would go on smoothlier.

I've just arrived home. I was watching the football match between F.C. Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid and what Barça is doing now is absolutely amazing. Not only for the goals it scores or all the matches it wins but also for the way it plays. The machine is perfect. Everybody knows what to do and when and the coordination among all the elements is simply pefect. And all that is due to Pep Guardiola, a young coach who kwnows what it means to be the F.C. Barcelona manager and all the responsabilities it entails.

A part of Guardiola methodology there is a piece of the machine that would work with any other coach. This piece has a name: LIONEL MESSI. The way he plays is absolutely incredible and nobody in the world does the things he does at the same velocity. However, the most important thing is that now he's only 21 years old and he can still grow up as a football player and as a person. As a supporter of F.C. Barcelona, I hope to have Messi until the day he retires and enjoy all the jugglings he does with the ball.

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K@RRUK@ dijo...

Ohh!!!! It's wonderfull. A english blog is a great idea. Is truhth that the idea started in Muñones?
It looks impossible!!!!!!