domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

Nevotsport-4_A new life?

Hi everybody!

I've just arrived from our football match. We played in Cati. Cati is a direct rival in the fight for the Championship, so in some way we were forced to get some points from there. But we didn't. We lost 1-0. They, well...we scored the goal in the minute 25 (first half). Bad luck as it was in own goal. It wasn't a bad match from our part, a typical one between two teams that want to promote to Preferente. Now, the placings are like this:

1-Cati: 32 pts.
2-Traiguera: 30 pts.
3-Alcora: 29 pts.
4-Fatima: 27 pts.

We have one match left so, the situation isn't so bad. Moreover, this match is against Traiguera and in two weeks' time, we're playing in Alcora. The League is long but we have to start winning matches if we want to get the promotion. We have neither to forget all the teams that are now behind if we don't want to lose positions (Canet, Alcala, etc.).

Well, in the personal field, the week which starts tomorrow can be a very important one for me. On Tuesday I have a job interview in Vall d'Uixó. I'm going to see what they really want and what is their planning. If it's OK, it likes me and I get the job, I'll probably work part-time four hours a day, from 9h to 13h. Then, I'll have classes in the Official School of Languages in Castellon from 15 h to 17 h (English and Germany) and from 17h to 21h I'll have classes on the Master in the UJI. Something else?

As you see it's a bit crazy but I like challenges. The best: all the things I hope to learn, the worst: I'll have no time to practise sport during the week, and I like it so much!!! I'll see what to do with the football but well, I think that every person has moments in his life to make decisions and sometimes important decisions. I think that moment has arrived for me and as Eric says, first is first.

Anyway, I'll report you what I'm doing with my life in my next post.

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